Here at Te Kaha Kids we get it.

We get that you need the perfect place for your child when you can’t be there.

We get that life is pretty frantic sometimes.

We get that you need someone who cares for your child as much as you do.

What We Do Different

At Te Kaha Kids we pride ourselves in being an all inclusive holiday program and after school care facility in Dunedin.

All of our staff are trained in child protection, disability support as well as positive behaviour management and they know how to have fun!

Te Kaha Kids was started to provide affordable but top quality after school care for your child, no matter who they are.

We operate out of Brockville School Hall

baking at te kaha kids

Life Skills

We believe that children should be equipped for the life ahead of them. Kids have an amazing ability to step up when they are given responsibility.

Cooking, baking, sewing, building and problem solving are all part of our regular program.

Fun & Games

Kids love to be included. What better way to wind down from a day of sitting down than with games and team sports.

Games, sports and team building activites help build physical confidence, teach how to be part of a team and above all are FUN!

Homework Support

Children get tired at the end of the day, we understand how hard it can be to fit everything in, as well as get the homework done.

At Te Kaha Kids we will help your child get a head start on their homework, so there is one less thing to fit into your precious family time.

After school care in Dunedin

Meet the Founders

Petra is passionate about inclusive care and programs for children and adults, both with and without disabilites.

Petra has a Diploma in Social Services specialising in Disabilty Support as well as a Diploma in Child Protection.

Te Kaha Kids is Petra’s dream come alive.

Petra Tuhura

CEO and Founder, Te Kaha Kids Ltd

Cleve is Petra’s partner in crime. He shares Petra’s enjoyment of children. He is a big kid at heart and loves nothing more than playing games!

Cleve works off site but will occasionally pop in over the holidays to help out.

Cleveland Tuhura


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